Where to Find NYC’s Newest Poutine

Call them disco fries with its gravy and liquid cheese, or Irish nachos with its cheddar and corned beef: Variations on dressed French fries have long been with us and the choices continue to grow

Le District, Bar a Frites

 Le District, Battery Park City’s French answer to Eataly, has continued to sharpen its casual food offerings, in addition to honing the three restaurants on the premises. Latest is a french fry counter, which, in contrast to the city’s other spud establishments, offers distinguished glasses of wine to wash them down. A modest 10 sauces are offered, topping French fries more delicate and browner than most.

One of three special offerings, the so-called poutine Canadienne ($8.95) comes in a recyclable paper boat, and represents a decidedly Gallic take on the dish. Thus the curds are smaller and smoother, the gravy really a translucent demi-glace, and sautéed green onions on top. The serving is generous enough that Bar A Frites’ poutine constitutes an entire meal. 

Le District, 225 Liberty Street, Manhattan, 212-981-8588

Ryan CrownEater