customer focus


 something for everyone


With a robust menu from our many culinary-specific stations, we can tailor your order to fit any and all places of business: from hotels to schools and restaurants, we have something for everyone.

hotels & hospitality

Freshly-baked pastries make a great addition to your continental breakfast. Flavorful salads and sandwiches are always a hit in your sundry room. Award-winning pâtés to have available on your dinner menu at your bar or restaurant. Whether or not you have a kitchen on-site, we are certain our wholesale products will find a place at your establishment.

Cafes, coffee shops, bars, & restaurants

Quality is key when it comes to our wholesale products. We will work hand-in-hand with you to create a unique food program that suits your guests with or without Le District branding, just let our sales team know. Whether it’s freshly-baked croissants for your coffee lovers or artisanal cheese plates for your bar guests, you will treat them to hand-crafted, quality food they are sure to enjoy.

schools, hospitals & institutions

We understand schools, hospitals, and institutions have sensitivities unlike other establishments -allergens and dietary restrictions are important to us as well. we will work closely with you to assure our products are within your guidelines for your students, patients, and residents so that everyone can enjoy with all ingredients fully disclosed on our labels.