Charcuterie Class: All about Sausage at Le District

In this class we will learn about many kind of sausages. From the boudins to the merguez, from its making to its grilling. We will also be sampling of various homemade sausages. This class will be lead by our in house chef Charcutier Nicolas Rafa.

Born and raised in Paris, Nicolas Rafa began his culinary journey in charcuterie at 14 years old as an apprentice. From there, he attended Gregoire Ferrandi, known as the premiere culinary school in France. After graduation, Rafa accepted a job under Gilles Verot, one of the most talented and esteemed French Charcutier honing his skills until moving To New York as a Charcutier Sous Chef at Daniel Boulud, then Head Charcutier at Rotisserie Georgette before joining Le District.