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Cheese Class: Cheeses from the Loire Valley at Le District

Taking a broader look into France and all it has to offer, this class will highlight more notable cheeses such as the ash-rind Valencay (Chabris Noir), fresh goat cheese Crottin de Chevignol and aged goat Chabichou du Poutou. Join us for a refreshing and enlightening class on the wonders of how to pair these cheeses with their wine counterparts. This class will be lead by our cheese monger, Stephanie Nino.

Stephanie began her journey into the wondrous world of cheese at Le District. Working her way up she quickly became the head cheese & charcuterie monger. Under the wing of sommelier Jacob Daugherty and Chef Charcutier, she took charge in expanding the cheese selection and was able to introduce the addition of the Le Bar Fromage & Charcuterie to the menu. She created a unique menu that focuses on selecting the best cheeses from around the world and pairing them with the finest wines and charcuterie.  She is a real Cheese lover!